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Vanessa Chavez

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Say what now?

How would you react to ideas that go directly against what you thought to be true? In my time while obtaining my master’s in library science, I have come to consider the library the beacon of truth, a place that fights injustice and promotes equality. In addition, to this, my idea of the library has…

Adovcating the library to … your parents

Under slept from a year of baby #2 who struggled immensely to sleep through the night, and trying to be relaxed as I faced my last summer of courses for my master’s, we climbed into the Nissan Rouge, my husband, my 1 year old and my 3 year old, on a 516 mile journey to…

My first Makerspace video

Alana, my daughter, newly turned three, was sick. She did not have COVID or the flu, but had croup, an infection little ones apparently get. By Friday, her third day of convalescence, my second day home from work, she seemed to be doing better enough to walk around and do small activities. For her birthday,…

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