Where do they get those wonderful tools

Where do librarians get resources to support subjects related to STEM? At the 2021 IASL session entitled, “Supporting STEM Education in the School Library with Digital Tools,” presenters Johnston, Green, Thompson and Jones offered various websites, applications and digital tools to complement, enhance and support subjects such as math and science. This type of collaboration…

Changing Representation One Book at a Time

In the Spring of 2021, I attended my first YA book festival, entitled, “North Texas Teen Book Festival,” or NTTBF. One common point that continually surfaced from the authors is the desire to represent a story that has a connection to their lives. Angie Thomas, in speaking about Concrete Rose, talked about writing from a perspective…

Careful with those Picture Books

In our coursework, we have learned what to look for in a quality picture book. Children’s Literature, Briefly, indicates the way in which illustrations tell a story can be through: establishing a settingdefining and developing charactersreinforcing the written textproviding a differing viewpointextending or developing the plotproviding interesting asidesestablishing mood (Young et al., 2020, pp. 41-46) The first…


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