Today, teachers were invited to meet and greet some new members of the district who work in the administration building. When I walked into the “meet and greet,” I walked straight to my former principals, laughing, catching up and saying hello. I shared with them that I was completing my Masters to be a librarian. To this, another staff member who was nearby, said what I have heard before, which is that libraries must be quiet spaces. I laughed and responded with, “actually, libraries are really more like learning commons and learning centers where engagement should be encouraged.” So there it was, not a defiance, but informing a stakeholder that libraries are different.

These are going to be realities I face, and I am so pumped to start changing mindsets one elevator speech at a time. Things to consider:

  • I need to brush up on my elevator speech.
  • Once I get my first position, I need to make a plan for how and what data I will collect to share how the library adds value and impacts student learning.
  • I need to have a quick succinct verbal example of what evidence I have collected to tell stakeholders.
  • I need to keep a friendly and cool countenance and work to not get defensive.

Is blogging really the way to go?

It has been therapeutic, challenging and rewarding to maintain this ePortfolio. Is blogging really the way to go? Even as I went over the bloggers I had initially started following in 2019, many of them are no longer blogging. One person, said, I blog for money now, and directed their readers to a professional journal. I wonder, would it be better to podcast? Or should I consider posting my work and thoughts on instagram or twitter? Something to consider.

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